Our Services


CleanTag is a cost plus company. We recommend engaging with us prior to beginning the design process with your architect. Our experience and input during the design phase can help keep the project within budget. We work to find efficiencies early in the project with the input of our long-standing relationships with subcontractors. We work collaboratively with architects. As the builder arm of your team we offer real time costs updates which allows us to have budget discussions with the design team early in the project which results in realistic expectations while maintaining a culture of respect throughout the project.

  • Lot Evaluation
  • Assistance in Architect Selection if requested
  • Permitting Services if requested
  • Estimating and Preliminary Budget Development
  • Project Scheduling
Construction Phase
  • Construction and Quality Control Management
  • Bi-monthly Budget Management
  • Home Owner and Architect Meetings
Post Construction
  • Home Owner Support & Orientation
  • Lien Releases
  • Warranties packet

CleanTag works with architects, builders and homeowners to outline permitting needs specific to each job. We work with city offices to guide your project smoothly through the review and permitting process. We have experience with pre-permitting issues such as land status determinations, easement releases, and variance requests. We are also ready to assist clients with inherited issues such as expired permits and existing illegal structures.

  • Residential New Construction
  • Guest Houses
  • Residential Remodels / Additions
  • Window / Door / Siding / Roofing Replacement
  • Pools
  • Small Commercial
  • Decks
  • Expired Permits
  • Accessory Structures

  • Discuss
  • Research
  • Design
  • Submit for Review
  • Permits

CleanTag is available for consultation on all areas of construction, including but not limited to:

  • Land use
  • Pre-construction services
  • Code compliance issues
  • Permitting