• Alter Studio Architecture
  • Interior Designer: Claire Zinnecker Design
  • Molly Culver Photography

The Perry Lane project was designed for a family of four as an interior heavy remodel focused on increasing natural light and installing beautiful finishes. The majority of the exterior work was associated with increasing window and door sizes and adding living space.

The original structure was built and occupied by an engineer who was concerned with the flammability of wood framed homes and chose to frame the home using precast concrete, masonry block and steel. The floor and roof are framed with precast concrete ā€œCā€ channels sitting on masonry block walls and steel columns and beams. We exposed a cement plaster ceiling above which most of the ā€œCā€ channels were concealed. We re-plastered the channels creating the appearance of beams visible in the photos below.

During construction we worked closely with the interior designer and the homeowner to create a rich palette of finishes including natural wood, tile and paint. The result is an open, warm and inviting home.